Bulltrue = Yoink!

You get the medal, but die every time… Doesn’t Bulltrue mean ya killed him before he could get you? -_-

It’s inconsistent. No biggie.

It was a mistake, it hardly matters to be honest.

Just annoying when every Bulltrue I get I die…even if I kill him mid lunge at like 10ft away he still gets the kill, it makes no sense

You must kill the assassinating player, not the sword lunging player to get a bulltrue. RT for bulltrue and from any angle, RB/B/melee for an assassination when from behind.

PS, it is possible to get a self-showstopper by meleeing the back of the feet of an enemy at just the right angle to them meleeing you from the front but at an angle to initiate an assassination move. Quite the site it was (and latency probably too).

It’s definitely annoying and it was stated during Beta. But it was never resolved.

It’s one of the most annoying things out there even in LD. If I kill someone before they kill me, I should survive and their sword shouldn’t kill me because it grazed my leg.

You are correct, the reason why both players die sometimes is due to the net code. In the online environment, with lag it can be difficult to tell who actually won the battle. Bungie solved this problem by awarding both players with a kill (yes, this can happen to this host). It was a good idea and still is.

Getting a bulltrue and still dying occurs because your killing shot reached the host before the attacking player’s melee reached the host. However, the attacking player’s melee was able to hit you on their screen before they died on their screen.