Bullet Holes in walls and windows in Halo 5 forge

Hey Guys,
I was watching some Halo 5 weapons testing videos on you tube, and in several videos I noticed that bullet holes appeared on the walls that were used as a background. What is the secret to doing this? I have made several weapons test forge arenas, but I have no idea on how to make bullet damage appear on walls or glass. This would be a big visual aid as to seeing bullet spread from a distance. Any ideas on how I could make bullet damage appear on objects in Forge? I do not want to mention the names of the authors of the you-tube videos…Thanks Guys!

Bullet holes will appear on walls or glass on Forge maps, but you have to load the map in Custom Games after the objects had been placed. Forge doesn’t render the visual damage of bullet holes/explosive damage/Spartan Abilities, so just launch a custom game once you’ve placed down your objects.