Bulldog: Y'all do get how it works right?

lol you don’t know what objective means at all. It is literally no more generic than a tube fed shotgun. That is absolutely hilarious.

I’m sorry but I won’t reply to your next reply.

Objectively: “in a way that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions.”

This discourse has nothing to do with tube fed vs drum fed. Has everything to do with you trying to dispute the fact that the bulldog is a generic weapon. You’re just hardcore unwilling to be wrong. Thank goodness you won’t reply to this reply.

Side note, and relevant to this thread: Bulldog wouldn’t be nearly as unwelcome by the majority of players if the classic shotgun was also present. It would still be fairly generic, but new toys are usually welcome when they don’t come at the cost of fan favorites.

I’ve come to love the Bulldog, myself. It’s not as much of a force of nature as the previous shotguns, but I do like the gunfighty nature of it. Like many of the other weapons, I had to adjust a little on my first attempts but once I got the hang of it, I fell in love with the thing.

The range and damage makes it so you don’t want to be super close, definitely want a smidge more distance than you would be accustomed to with the older shotguns, but its range and the pellets make it so I can commonly get multiple kills after I abandoned the older mindset of the previous shotguns.

As someone who had never really gotten the hang of the previous shotguns quite right, I’ve actually really come to be in tune with the Bulldog and I’m expecting to get the Nerf version of it as a Christmas present.


After reading this thread and messing around with it, I’ve found a love for it.

It can beat hammers and sword just like the old one, but usually if you’re not already in their faces. As they try to close the gap you pop 'em 3 times and they’re done. The range on it is nasty. I actually prefer this because I had trouble getting the timing down for the right distance for the osk on the old one. I ended up shooting too soon and only popping their shields, then I was done for.

And like it’s already been said, just keep in mind the one shot smack combo to kill most others up close.


You can also hold down the trigger and let it keep firing.

I agree with you! thought it was weak at first, but then saw the difference between this and old shotguns and how they behave and am now enjoying it.

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I do love me Halo CE, but 3 and Reach are my favorites. I was already fairly annoyed by the weird aesthetics for the shotgun in 4 and 5, so I already really just wanted the M90 back. Everyone loves to point out how they’ll probably add it back in later, but that doesn’t really help much for campaign fans. Even if they allow you to spawn in the M90 after they release it, it won’t be an integrated part of the campaign that you can find lying around.

It annoys me that obvious fan favorites like the shotgun are removed in favor of “sandbox balance” and limiting “sandbox redundancy.” You are making an argument for player choice, but by replacing the M90 with the Bulldog, they’ve removed player choice. Same thing with the DMR, I always vastly preferred the DMR (although they made it look sort of goofy for 4 and 5,) but now I don’t have the option to play with it. I miss the days when games added new things instead of constantly reinventing the wheel.

lol, that’s not true, the sword lunge excels in closing the gap before a reasonable counter-attack can be made, that’s how it’s always been, the shotgun used to counter that and now it doesn’t.

Tell that to the swords I killed thinking they could get to me in time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (not always, but it happens)

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I hate to say it but get good, because you can absolutely win.

Nice! Nice nice nice nice!! So glad to hear this! I had the same problem with the old shotgun, it never felt… QUITE right in my hands, lmao.

Hey! I’m so glad my thread helped you figure out how to use it right and that you’re enjoying it now! It really is a good, satisfying weapon. The old one was tricky and I’d never call it not skillful, but I will say that I do believe this one requires a greater degree of finesse to execute its use properly.

Yeah its auto feature is one I CONSTANTLY forget! I just have the timing down lmao. I need to get used to that.

I’d really like the old shotgun to return, I just don’t want the Bulldog to be adjusted is all.

Like, I get you, I really, really do? But I also don’t agree. Some things just, didn’t need to fill the same role like that. If they take out old toys, they have to give us new ones that we have to try and get used to… and personally, I’m glad people don’t have the choice, at the moment, to just ignore the Bulldog. It deserves to be used, seen and appreciated. If they released side by side, then so few would even use the thing because of pre-existing favoritism.

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I suppose I felt like if they were both released together, the old shotgun would be a power weapon and would spawn less frequently. I also enjoy the bulldog, I just miss a lot of old weapons. Trying to enjoy the new weapons but missing some old classics personally.

Definitely see the way you’re looking at it though! I think it helps to include that while I enjoy MP I’m really a campaign player at heart, and I feel like at least in the campaign, the more weapons the merrier.

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…the Bulldog literally cannot bulltrue an energy sword like the old Shotgun could, you need to have to sword-bearer already damaged for that, it’s not a case of “get good”.

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The old shotgun would fill the same power slot as the Energy Sword or Gravity Hammer, straight up. It’d be really wild to see both the old one and the Bulldog spawn together on the same map. What a duel that would be!
I do totally feel you on the campaign aspect, I’m a Campaign player too. I just, haven’t had a fresh PvE experience in Halo since like, 2016.

Like I really hate to say get good but I’ve literally gotten a bulltrue on a sword user. You can’t do it in one shot. If you’re trying to do that, you are using it wrong. You HAVE to get two shots in to get a bulltrue, or three if they’re engaging you long enough range. But one shot and a bop? Yeah no, you’re losing that. Swords overwrite enemy melee JUST ABOUT every time now, like they should.

I feel like I’m being baited to keep the post alive so I’m just going to say you’re admitting that you need to inflict damage prior to a Bulltrue even being possible so it’s original CQC purpose.

I mean yes you can’t get just, a one shot bulltrue. You need to shoot someone 2-3 times. A bulltrue only constitutes that you kill them mid lunge. My first bulltrue was with a friggin’ BR lmao.

I didn’t like this thing at first. Now I seek it out at every opportunity.

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If I have a bulldog and see the other team with a energy sword I have to make a run for my life. :laughing:

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It seems like the shotgun was changed(for whatever reason) to be more like what you would expect from a shotgun in real life. It would definitely take more than one shot to drop a Spartan even at point blank range and the grouping is much tighter and the range much longer for a full length barrel than most people imagine.

Why they wanted to remove the shotgun’s point blank one shot kill ability I have no idea though really.

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The playstyles for the two shorties are completely different and I think it’ll take time for people to wrap thier head around it.

Oldschool shotty=corner camp or rush in like a bullet sponge for the first hit.

New shotty = longer range but you need to hit your shots. Sword beats shotty but repulser beats sword/hammer & grapple shot so you’ve gotta bring the right toys to the kit if you truely wanna excel with it

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I like it also I would be happy to see the old one back too, I think they can coexist


Simply put, they didn’t want it to fill the same space as the sword and honestly, I appreciate that greatly.