Bulldog: Y'all do get how it works right?

Sort of.

The older shotguns being tube fed meant that you could slide one or two shots in then retaliate mid reload.
Now reloading the bulldog leave you in a much more vunerable state.

I guess, get good? As for the design being uninspired, well, that’s your opinion.

Anyway you shouldn’t really be using the bulldog to bulltrue unless you can pull off that three-shot, because you aren’t getting the two-shot kill.

Then reload carefully, it’s a different gun tbh.

  • Uninspired design isn’t opinion, it’s objectively a generic drum-fed shotgun.
  • His entire point was there now isn’t a close-range counter to the sword. (real bummer for infection too, not that the devs care about more just-for-fun modes though).

Yeah, I had a sour attitude about the Bulldog up until recently when it all of a sudden clicked. The range and rof were something I had to adapt to. Now it’s one of my go-to pickups.

However, there is an empty niche for countering the sword at point blank range.

No that’s an opinion buddy I think the drum feed is cool. BTW it’s also pump action.

As for infection, uh, zombies are unshielded. The Bulldog kills unshielded in one hit… Why uh, why do you think the bulldog is as a result, unfit for infection? HONEST question.

And honestly that’s okay. There are other things that counter the sword. The chief counter, is the Repulsor. Couple almost any weapon with a repulsor and you will be able to take out a sword user. You CAN land that three-tap if you’re quick enough too, it’s just hard. Outside of that, given just enough range, you can get a bare headshot too. Since you always have a headshot capable weapon, no matter the playlist.

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It doesn’t matter if you think the drum is cool. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s an objectively generic weapon, which the other poster claimed and you denied. Whether you think it’s cool or not is irrelevant in that discourse.

Zombies can have any number of traits. They may be unshielded, or perhaps alphas are shielded. If we just use the unshielded example, the bulldog shreds because it’s practically rapid-fire on top of its effectiveness at a longer distance. Old shotty required patience until the zombie was close, basically at sword range and you didn’t get a second chance. Very intense. Nothing intense about a high fire-rate shotgun slapping zombies from a distance.

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lol you don’t know what objective means at all. It is literally no more generic than a tube fed shotgun. That is absolutely hilarious.

I’m sorry but I won’t reply to your next reply.

I had the same thought. I’ve handled many shotguns, one was even automatic. But I ain’t ever even seen a drum fed shotgun. Not in person.

‘Objectively generic’ is a very strange phrase.

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It feels like the grouping is meant for longer ranges and a bit to tight for its actual range, meaning you have to lead to much. If they want it to be powerful, accurate and have more range then old shotty make it a slug.

Benefits the range by removing spread for accuracy, could push range further and still be balanced as the slug is a single projectile. Meaning riskier but more rewarding. Or have faster fire rate, more falloff but bigger spread meaning proximity is important

I knew this from the moment the gun was fired that it couldn’t compete with the Sword lol. Doesn’t take rocket science and trial and error to figure that out.

“Get good”, a basic reply. It’s my opinion it doesn’t look good? Great glad we established it. YOU think it’s not a bad weapon and that’s your opinion as well. Point is the community doesn’t like it, don’t be out here like a preschool teacher as if we HAVE to like it.


‘Just grab a weapon that doesn’t necessarily spawn on the map you’re in’

That sounds like a reasonable solution.

I would like them to bring back the classic shotgun. I like variety but I would like a key difference and balance.

For example reaches further per shot, have it a pump with slow shot per shot. But give it close one shots, mid-range three shot, and distance four shot.
Therefore you have the quick and rapid shotgun choice… The Bulldog that can two shot up close three shot mid-range and five shot at a distance.
Then the slow beast which dominates but you have to be decisive.


Real question and problem have people been having a slice/lunge problems with energy sword. I’ll have someone in my face and I slice and it misses, also It’ll show a red marker that I can lunge but it sometimes doesn’t lunge.
Which with energy sword is often a do or die.

Yeah I’m glad the shotgun isn’t some insta-kill oneshot now, I think people are just sad they can’t use it as a crutch in close quarters fights now.

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You should try to adapt how you use it and get used to it, because it is flat out a superior weapon and you’re missing out by hating it so much because it dares to be different.

Yes. I agree with this. They should exist in the same sandbox, however.

The classic shotgun SHOULD NOT spawn in the same map as the sword or gravity hammer. Rather, it should spawn in its place, because it fills the exact same role.

If anything, it’d be really thrilling and exciting to see these two shotguns spawn in the same map to duke it out. I would love that, because ideally, both could win in different circumstances against each other.

I am firmly on team bulldog, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s a DOOM type situation.

The Tactical Shotgun takes things out at longer range at less power.
The Pump Shotgun takes things out at point blank with extreme prejudice, but never further than that.


I think its a pretty solid weapon. I usually win most 1 vs 1 with it. Just got to get used to its effective range and utilize the punch up close after landing a shot. Now guns like the pulse carbine and plasma pistol are bad lol.


Bingo! Zero disagreement here.