Bulldog: Y'all do get how it works right?

Sounds like you’re finding bad situations to use it in.

it doesn’t need a RoF increase. It got a decrease BECAUSE it was overperforming. It is in exactly the right spot competitively.

Haha, well, that’s a roundabout answer regarding ranges. Anyway, in my experience, most people are not keeping it out because it’s a disadvantage except at close range,. Also, re: your reply to the other person, you absolutely did not need to melee with the H5 shotgun. That was the whole point of the gun, that you could win 2x1s and other disadvantaged situations with one-shot kills. Melee followups were for the brute plasma rifle.

It’s a quasi-power weapon. There has been a distinction at least since H5 between a standard pickup and a quasi-power weapon like the shotgun. You can tell since it has a slower ‘respawn’ time versus other rack guns.

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ngl I don’t consider the Halo 5 weapons when comparing. They’re all entirely different monsters that don’t work like the rest of the franchise, straight up.

i enjoy the bulldog! i miss old shotgun though but it is decent


I’m not really sure what the basis is for that. I would say the biggest divergence in the series is H4 by far given it introduced an entire new class of weapons (Prometheans) and loadouts which are a fundamental change (that was rightly abandoned). H2 introduced dual-wielding. H3 added abilities. The games are all different and evolve, and H5’s weapons don’t diverge much more than previous entries in my opinion. But I’ve played a lot more H5 than most people, it seems, so there you go.

Anyway. I’ve provided my comments and my experience that diamond/onyx lobbies ignore the gun, and think that fact suggests it could use a tune-up. Maybe others in similar lobbies can weigh in. I’ll leave it there.

Sorry. Bulldog is actual trash. I’m glad it’s in the game though because when I see an enemy using it I know they’re basically a free kill.


The basis has to do with how every single weapon has an ADS in that game and thus, can act at two variable effect Red Reticle Ranges. Alongside being the longest RRR weapons in the entire history of the franchise, Halo 5 weapons provide the single largest amount of bullet magnetism and aim assist in the series.

In other words, they are hugely divergent. On the surface they appear very similar to older games, but are simply put, basically entirely different weapons. I should probably let you know that I spent a good couple of years on Halo 5 as well so I’m not talking outta’ my backside here.

As for your comments, my friend who plays at a high tier reports the exact opposite about the bulldog. But who knows.

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Ditto all of this, guy I grew up with was MLG in the bungie days. Confirmed menace with the bulldog lol.

Same thing with pistol tapping when lunging for a melee, positioning/timing is pretty critical in Infinite.


It’s a nasty gun!!

Traditionally the shotgun was used to counter the energy sword. Can’t do it reliably with the bulldog. It’s not really a bad gun, but it doesn’t fill a needed role to counter sword.
Sword and hammer both absolutely control close range encounters now, especially with the use of grapple and thruster.


That’s because those are power weapons and the shotguns are pickup weapons.


I didn’t bother reading this whole thread, but the Bulldog is great, and it’s very fun to use! Just because it’s not the same as the old shotgun doesn’t mean that it’s no good. It means that you have to learn how it fits into the game, and how to use or not use it in various situations.


I think most of the people complaining about the shotgun fully understand how it works and why its suppose to play a different role in a sandbox.

We just don’t like it.

I don’t personally really give any merit to arguments about how it fits into the sandbox, it’s a shotgun, it’s supposed to blast things and be cool, it doesn’t feel like it does. That is all. I miss when Halo made things to fit in the world and be fun rather than making things to fit the sandbox.


I really see no value in using it over the AR most of the time, the same can be said about most weapons, why use them when the AR is too powerful and every weapon I can pick up is just ridiculously situational to the point of being a liability most of the time.


Then you must only like Halo: CE, because ever since Halo 2, Bungie and subsequently 343 Industries were heavily fixated on ensuring sandbox balance. But what about those of us that DO like it, those of us who ARE excited to pick it up? Those of us who ARE sad that we didn’t get a chance to use it before we died or the match ended?

Do we just straight up not matter? The old shotgun WILL return, but it should not, it cannot, replace The Bulldog. That would be utterly cruel to it for no other reason at all than, “It doesn’t feel like what I prefer.”

Things change. Halo has existed for 20 years. It took them that long to think, “What if the shotgun was different?” and I dig it, because I LIKE having a shotgun that has range. I love it, even.

You will get your super shotgun. But don’t take this from us who have wanted it for a long time.

Now this take I can get behind, because the AR is busted. Not as bad as it was in the flights though that’s for sure. But it still needs fine tuning.

But it is definitely better than the AR if you hit 2-3 of your shots.

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We don’t want it. It’s that simple. This isn’t DOOM either. It’s Halo… with the extended lunge the sword has , the one defense that is the shotgun to counter is gone. And the design is uninspiring.


I was on the “Bulldog is bull****” bandwagon, but as I’ve had practice with it its role as a ranged shotty is much more clear.

It does help that you can still 1tap/1bonk players like you could do back with the old shotty too.

I would love to see the original shotty put back in an experimental mode or fashion to see if it’ll make a difference, but I’m happy with the game in its current gameplay state.

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i really like the bulldog but i would love to see the classic shotty return as a power weapon and keep the bulldog as a normal pickup


Sort of.

The older shotguns being tube fed meant that you could slide one or two shots in then retaliate mid reload.
Now reloading the bulldog leave you in a much more vunerable state.