NOTE: I love halo 5’s core gameplay. I really do, but this is Bull -Yoink- and no one can or should defend this. It is completely unacceptable in a skill based game like this.

What the -Yoink- is wrong with halo 5 lately? So far I have been having 2 major issues with the game lately that is literally ruining the entire game for me. The first and biggest issue (as you read from the title) is the matchmaking.

This past week I’ve been matched in some of the MOST BULL-Yoink- MATCHES IVE EVER SEEN IN A HALO GAME. I’ve been matched against full clans and teams who serverly outrank me and my entire team in both skill and level ranks. I had a Warzone game where 3/4 of our team was under level 50 and had little to no reqs vs A team that (except for 2 people) are above level 100 and were using reqs we could only dream of. The match ended with us not even getting 100 points. (NOTE: My matchmaking preference was set on FOCUSED). In a game based on skill and (in Warzone anyway) the gear you have, it is -Yoinking!- vital that you are matched with people who are around your level. Otherwise, the game is a total curb-stomp and it’s not fun for anyone. This isn’t call of duty where a recruit could easily beat a prestige master in a gunfight. This frustrates the -Yoink- out of me and it legitametly ruins the game for me.

What’s to blame? Severe population drop? MM Preference not working? 343 incompetence? What is it?

My second issue I’ve been having is randomly being kicked from a game for no apart reason, being greeted by a “problem with server” message and eventually getting banned. What the hell?! How is that fair?! I’m being punished for the server crashing? Why?! (This only seems to happening in infection)

343 NEEDS To fix these issues. They are literally ruining the game for me.

You’re just unlucky like I am most of the time.

Yeah, it’s a problem I’ve had too but what can you do about it? I’ve got to help my brothers get the helmet even if it means some sacrificing.

Sometimes arena just sucks balls, what’s the point of ranks and so called competative playlists if there ignored.