Building a CGI warthog!

Hey everyone!

I’m a VFX artist (Animator first and fore-most), however i dabble in doing other aspects too in my spare time. I’m currently working at Industrial Light & Magic (the guys who make star wars) as an Animator.

Basically, i’ve been wanting to make my own halo shot for a while now and never took the plunge down the rabbit hole of making my own assets. So i began the other week, modeling and building my warthog from scratch. It’s a mixture of the different styles of warthog, i took my favourite bits and mixed it together. It’s heavily inspired by the classic hog design and the forza design from H4?

This is part of a bigger shot, so stay tuned!

This is cool hope to see more!

Very Cool. I have a similar project, but more gears and oil than bits and bytes. I’d be curious to see more.

Update to this!

Currently doing what is know as Lookdev in the VFX world. Basically the texturing and shading of the vehicle

Hope you guys like it!

Another update!

Added decals to it now and fine tuned some of the shader work.