Bugs (Xbox One)

Made this thread for bugs.
So far, I can verify two:

  1. Achievements are not unlocking for me. Have completed the first mission and tutorial, but no achievements unlocked.
  2. I started the campaign on “heroic” difficulty, but when I hit “continue” to the second level, it reverted to “normal” difficulty.

I got to the third Level when the game started freezing and stuttering throughout befor finally crashing so yer game broken, Fallout 4 might of had a few bugs at release non of the though broke the game for me, but HW2 is already broken on both Xbox and PC for me meaning i cant play it

There are a few bugs that a friends of mine and I have encountered.

  1. When playing Co-op music or sounds from the environment would continue to play even once a cutscene has begun.
  2. We get kicked out of Co-op once a cutscene is a few seconds in.
  3. When we play custom games our screen goes black. We see the mini map and crosshairs but everything else is black. It even happens when we go into matchmaking and Co-op.
    It’s pretty frustrating since we’ve both been looking forward for this game and it doesn’t work properly. Then again, it may be our connection.
    Reminds me of MCC though.
    Hopefully today will be different.