[Bugs] Theater Mode - Joining in Progress and...

[Bugs in] Theater Mode - Joining in Progress and “Taking Damage” in Free Camera Mode. (Also, side topic for Theater Mode for the campaign)

Just wanted to bring these Theater Mode bugs to attention, and I also wanted to know if anybody is experiencing the same problem.

I recently played a game of Warzone where I joined in progress. When I went to record a certain part of the match in theater mode, I couldn’t find my name on the roster after scrolling through all the names. As soon as I went into free camera mode, I eventually found myself walking around.

Also, I would notice the edges of my screen turning red like I was taking damage when in Free Camera mode in theater. It’s more of a nuisance when trying to get clean videos of the things you do in matches.

If anyone is experiencing the same bugs, lets bring this to the attention of 343 so they get help us with fixing these bugs, and allowing us to shoot nice Halo videos for video productions.

[And if there is a way to get theater mode for campaign level play, it would be great to have because there are plenty of humorous thing that occur that I would like to get better angles on.]