Bugs that Nutt18 is back found and fixes need

Fixes: 1. Changing teams should not be in roster
2. Roster should load faster
3. BR needs to be tone down in damage and when dual wielding the damage needs to go up
4. Fuelrod missile should be added to banshees in halo 2 anniversary
5. is there suppose to be a flood form of Elites? if not make one!
6. Jersey barriers should work like halo 3 not like halo 4 and be able to move
7. Barricade small should be able to move like big barricade
8.ability to search most downloaded Gametypes, maps, clips and screenshots
9. When loading up a map it should say the maps name you created and description not the map it was created on
10. Move recent maps and gametypes somewhere else other than at the end of your created maps and gametypes
11. is it too much to ask for the specter in multiplayer and custom games

Bugs: 1.Some boxes in forge when set to normal still stay fixed
2. When lighting gets messed up, its messed up the hole time
3. Gametypes changing back to there original names instead of staying the one they were made to be maps as well, along with deleteing
4. Halo 3 spawning problems in custom games
5. Halo 3 custom games weapons not spawning even though the gameype says map default
6. The tank takes no damage from infected when melee and damage set to highest or anything for that matter
7. Sentinal beam laser invisible in custom games
8. some bugs with random spawns in custom games
9. From a distant it looks like banshees are closed and ready to fly but when close up they are empty
10. When in forge when in oricale mode, the light makes a box around you or in your line of vision
11. maps Doubling themselves
12. Color bug between Spartans and elites in infection
13. Explosives stay fixed if falling when set to normal

Bugs: 14. In distance spawn points appear as neutral until up close
15. Banshee noise repeating even after player is out of banshee

Fix/Bug?: infected should be able to highjack but not get in the vehicle like jumping on a tank and slashing the back or front