Bugs that NEED to be Fixed!

First of all do not put you leader and/or unit opinions in here please, just bugs. There are 2 Main bugs that me and everyone I know cannot stand. First would be gathering resources. Second Disconnecting from severs.
Collecting resources can be tricky if your unit does not choose to collect from the right spot then unit won’t collect at all. For example I was in a custom 1v1 on frontier, I made a Jackrabbit and went to the power crates x3 to the right. I get there first but the JR won’t collect the supplies, I made the JR move away then come back to collect repetitively. My buddy how ever walks up with a marine and starts collecting after I’ve been there for awhile no problem. This happens almost every game. The next issue with gathering resources is on maps like Vault or Rift there are crates right next to the nodes which makes my unit grab 1 crate and then will grab the node. At this point if you are not babysitting your unit he will get shot by the sentinels and if not caught by your attention will die. I am aware that you can collect crates from the opposite side of the node first to avoid this issue but then your positioning matters because of the first problem. (I think to fix this issue make the units to auto grab supplies but not power nodes.)
I disconnect almost every day in ranked, but what makes this very strange to me is custom games with my friends. On my first invite my friends can’t join, my second invite they cannot join and it disconnects me and then reconnects me to severs. So the 3rd invite will always work. This issue is not almost every time it is EVERY time I always have to invite someone 3 times because I disconnect on the second. I also know a lot of people experiencing the same issue. (To fix the ranked issue it would be AMAZING to have a reconnect feature. The other players could keep playing and you would have X amount of time to reconnect.)

I agree with both main points here. It is so frustrating having to babysit your units who are gathering.

As for the disconnects, I’m not sure why but I have similar troubles when joining my friends. It rarely lets us join on the first invite, usually needing 2 or 3. If the third doesn’t work we all dashboard and restart HW2. Quite the inconvenience. Not sure what the issue with their servers is here but would love for it to be fixed. More important than the babysitting.