Bugs/Issues I have found.

-1,Received kill of Tankmaster Rok when I was at East Armory. I did not shoot him once or was in the vicinity.
-2.When spawning vehicle at home base, elevation sound does not play.
-3.When choosing loadout, screen lags and it gets frustrating as I sometimes choose the wrong weapon to replace.
-4.Dead vehicles do not despawn from the map sometimes. Most likely a mongoose given to us from the beginning of the game in Raid on Apex 7.
-5.Weapon from loadout changed back to previous. Example: I changed Assault Rifle to SMG while being alive. Died and respawned with Assault Rifle. (Shouldn’t I have respawned with my SMG? This sometimes happens)
-6.When in theater and exiting out of game that I was watching, I am sometimes put into the campaign selection…
-8.When pressing start menu, Spartan model is using at world’s end stance when I have a different stance on.(minor problem)
-9.I randomly respawned near players and died. Gets frustrating when that happens
-10. Respawned on a high killzone in the Warzone Assault Map: Summit.
-11. One game, I tried to spawn in a vehicle. Vehicle spawn time was about 5 to 10 seconds which was normal. Apparently it then went out up to 60secs to wait for the spawn. Waited it out, could not spawn in at all… Happened at Warzone: March on Stormbreak.
Please post bugs/issue you have found!
I don’t know where the bugs/issue go to monitors. sorry :frowning: