Bugs From last nights experience

Logged on at 8:30 est
Nat: open

joined up with 2 of my friends in there lobby
issues I had from last night are as follows

joining peoples rooms is still problematic, we played a custom game and one of us would always get dropped afterwards and have to be reinvited back
sometimes it would just hang on joining.
Communication in game, one game we could all here each other, then the very next we wouldnt be able to hear each other.
we created a xbox live party to go around this technical flaw, that seemed to work until ms had issues last night and we couldnt use party chat anymore.

after a couple games we decided to try Matchmaking. we searched H2A and H2C with the 3 of us and never once got a game. Each time we would restart
someone would get dropped from the party, several times the party leader would get dropped during the search. after an hour of trying we stopped trying to find a game.

about 10:30 pm est
we finally managed to get 8 people in a room for some customs. the issues we had were as follows
halo 2 classic:
in the lobby at first we could all hear each other, during the game some players could hear and talk to players from the other team
after the games when we would go back into the lobby players always got dropped and had to be reinvited, at least 2 and never the same people.
after that lobby communication between players was hit or miss, players we could hear before we could hear anymore and it changed every game.
in games it was the same communication issues.

we backed the lobby out to play some Halo 2 Anniversary stuff and half the lobby got dropped even though we pushed bring lobby with us.
communication issues persisted in H2A in lobby and in game. although i will say we had less drop in between rounds to switch maps in the anniversary mode vs the classic mode, not sure why this makes a difference.

as far as game play goes, everything seemed to work perfectly, weapons, maps , the one thing lacking was the random communication issues and players getting dropped after each round when switching maps.
I also noticed the stats were acting weird at times, after the game if you hit Y to check the stats , sometimes it would show all the players names next to the scores and sometimes it wouldnt. all the scores were captured, just sometimes names would appear and sometimes they wouldnt.

BTW ive yet to get a matchmaking game either by myself or with friends yet, and that was searching h2a and h2c