Bugs bugs bugs

  1. When playing pvp practically all of us begin to disappear cursors of other players.
  2. After losing when it wants to go out, it pops up a message that if I go out I get a ban.
  3. From time to time we come to a strange phenomenon that shortens the playing time in statistics from 19h to 10h.
    In addition, after finishing the campaign several times, the last 2 cups are blocked all the time.
    Infirmation of units, buildings, etc. I have read and after some time shows me that no, and info about units of the dlc specifically about this new guard with a shield I have blocked even though it is finished dlc. It all happens with this shortening of playing time and with videos that I have permanently blocked unless I finish my last mission again but I do not do that because I know that the second day I will have them blocked.
    I’m really bad that this game is so broken and please fix it and i did not see it in your bug list