Bugs and Suggestions

So, I am not here to hate on the game so I will leave the monetization out of this entirely. I have a few suggestions that I think will improve overall retention and a few bugs that need to be fixed ASAP. These are just my thoughts as to what really needs to take priority to keep what remaining population you have,

First: as you all know, BTB is broken. It kinda kills the mood to play with friends when you can only play with 3 at a time. I can already tell you that my group of 7 or 8 guys has diminished to 1-3 due entirely to the fact that we don’t know if we can play together if we all get on.

Second: FFA is busted as well. I can search and complete matches fine, but my last FOUR FFA matches basically never happened so I can not complete challenges unless I use swaps. Regardless of that, I want those wins to count and be tracked. What point is there to the playlist if it doesn’t track stats or work towards challenges?

Third: Desync. The servers are HORRIBLE, I can not emphasize that enough. Every single game I play has desync issues for me, my team, and the other team. Rockets killing me when I hit the foot of a low shield opponent and they live, beat downs going to Narnia instead of actually hitting the opponent, headshots that apparently hitting a wormhole in space instead of the head the reticle is on, screen tearing, getting killed around corners, players failing to load in or getting lagged out mid match (like the pro series yesterday)… FIX THIS. It is killing what enjoyment you can get from the MP of this game.

Lastly, I have a suggestion. I am at Onyx, the campaign is done on Legendary, once I finish the battle pass (which, btw, I refuse to pay for until the store and game are fixed, sorry) I will have literally nothing to do in this game. You really need to add a progression system that people can be motivated to work through. I honestly don’t even care how it is done (numerical rank like 5, military ranks like Reach, playlist ranks like4 H3 which is my preference if you want it) but there needs to be a reason for me to play. Look, I am a decent halo player, but I have no dreams of playing professionally nor making it to the top rank in the game so I am near enough to my peak in trueskill that I don’t feel motivated to grind ranked. When I am done with the battlepass, as the game is right now, I will drop it. The gameplay is great and the sandbox is fun, and the campaign is one of the best in the franchise, overall it is easily your best work in the franchise. Unfortunately I do not feel motivated to play right now. I am not alone in the sentiment, all of my friends feel the same (some have already dropped the game). Once the core game is fixed and there is a progression system in place, then you all can do what you want in the store and whatever else needs addressing. I am not saying that I think this is all that needs to be done, there is a lot of work ahead, but I feel that fixing the bugs, fixing the servers, and giving people a progression based ranking system to play through will go a long way in buying time to work on other stuff.

Love to hear what everyone else thinks though. Be well.