Bugs and Other Issues

First and foremost I’m stuck in the matchmaking menu, and unable to play a matchmade game. There’s an infinite loading time glitch that just keeps the game loading into the menu. Kinda sucks I got into the beta and am unable to play. Secondly the color shaders are horrible. They’re uninspired and hardly change the look of the armor. If you’re going to take away a staple of character customization from halo games at least make them better looking and more visually striking than the previous color schemes we’ve had. So far its a downgrade in all aspects. I also have issues with the armor customization. The design of the rounded edges on the armor seems a bit weird but thats just my personal preference, I did notice however that the texture of the armor is a bit plain and was hoping to see an added feature in the customization slot that allowed one to change how battered/rusted/scorched their armor is. Reach implemented the grittiness of spartan armor extremely well and i feel this game could take it to a new level. From the gameplay perspective, as I’ve only been able to play in bot matches, the bots seem a bit slow and dumb for my taste, and they do not contest power weapons making it really easy to get a significant advantage on them and dominate the lobby. Other than that the UI seems good and the game has a nice flow to it. Look forward to playing more!

After just playing a BTB control game I noticed that the control points are not placed ideally. they’re too close together and don’t encourage individuals to control the entire map. Fighting is reduced to the center and only on one lane of the map. The needler feels ridiculously underpowered and I think it needs a rework. It feels and sounds more akin to the smg than what we know and love as the needler. The textures aren’t great on PC, I hope they’re much better in the final build. I would also like to see vehicles with a little bit more health and a dedicated health bar tied to your shields. I’m at full shield and will die not knowing my ghost is low hp. The turret redicle is too small, very hard to actually see what you’re shooting because it covers most of what you’re shooting at. Did know some lag compensation, especially noticeable when using snipers. The new electric sniper could use increased charge range and a bump in dmg/aim assist. It feels significantly worse than the sniper rifle and id choose the sniper 10x out of 10 over the electric rifle.

If you are encountering issues during the flight, please refer to the known issues list on https://aka.ms/HaloSupportInsider and submit tickets for issues not present.