Bugs and Complaints Report

I’ve been playing the game for a little over a week now and noticed quite a few bugs and have a few general complaints. I thought I’d list them as a forum post, since I can’t seem to find a way to directly report any of this to 343i. If anyone feels like it, they can post their problems below as well.

-At least once a day, I have to restart the game because it gets stuck in a menu or won’t connect to the internet.
-Not too often, but the camera won’t change direction, even though I move the analog stick. It usually lasts less than a second, but annoying and sometimes fatal.
-On Warzone Assault, I will sometimes spawn at the wrong capture area, or even at the home base.
-On one of my forge maps, if I look at a floor block from a certain angle, it will disappear. This does not occur in custom games, however.
-I have been kicked out of games for no apparent reason (no message about getting kicked of banned) and there was no lag ingame (so I didn’t lag out).
-I have had boosts disappear and reappear at random, as well as not work at all, only to appear later in my inventory again.
-Ever since the Memories of Reach DLC released, whenever I earn a REQ pack ingame (for a commendation, leveling up, etc.), it does not appear in my ‘Open Packs’ tab. I must either back out to the main menu or play another match before it shows up and I can open it.
-For the past few days, I have hardly finished any Warzone games because the game keeps kicking me for no reason. It reminds me of getting kicked by an admin in a game like Battlefield, except I never get a reason in Halo 5.

-Armor should be linked to achievements or leveling up. Maybe even add a credit system, like Reach. If you stick with the REQ pack system, let us at least prioritize what we want to receive as permanent items. I would much rather get armor than weapon certificates or unlocks, so it’d nice to check a box and have a higher chance of getting a certain type of item.
-Spawn points really need to be changed. In arena, I oftentimes spawn right in the line-of-sight of an enemy, which is normally a losing situation, but I play a lot of SWAT, so I’m killed almost instantly upon spawning. In Warzone, I have spawned many times facing walls, facing the wrong direction, or extremely far away from where I want to be. In Warzone Assault, I have both been on and seen teams become spawn trapped because everyone spawns at the same location.
-Theater mode doesn’t have a record function. You are forced to use Xbox DVR, which has problems with losing quality, losing sound, skipping frames, and freezing videos.
-I’m not sure if this happens every time you restart the game, but I was looking through my theater clips and the game froze at a menu. I restarted and all the recent files were gone. If this is a feature, it is extremely un-user-friendly.
-Change the way the REQ system works. Looking at the amount of REQ points I earn each game, I see little difference in whether I win or lose, or how well I do. I could just tie a rubber band around my controller and let my character do absolutely nothing all game, and I’d get about the same amount of REQ points as any of my teammates who were actually playing.
-The arena ranking shouldn’t be based entirely on wins. As I stated above, I play a lot of SWAT and it’s my best gamemode. In a lot of games, I rank in the top 3 players for kills, and almost always have a a positive KDA. This all means nothing when it comes to your arena rank. I first qualified for Gold 2 I believe, and once I first reached Gold 6, it must have taken me at least another 25 games to reach Platinum 1 because I was always placed on teams that would lose. I could get 49 kills and 0 deaths, but if my team loses, my rank goes down. As with the above complaint, I could put a rubber band around my controller and leave, and I’d have nearly the same odds of leveling as I do when playing. While I know the rank counts towards nothing, I want to rank up, to show how good I am at a gamemode. Maybe make the rank based on some combination of winning, ingame rank for each match, KDA, and amount of medals earned.
-Accidental betrayals in Grifball can still lead to you being kicked from the game.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but I know there’s more that I can’t think of right now. I may edit more in later, I might not. Again, if you want, feel free to express your complaints in the comments or give feedback on mine.

I feel like 343i saw this and was displeased. For like the past 15-20 silver packs I opened, I’ve only gotten 1 common helmet. And as I mentioned above, I want armor more than certifications. It’s fun, but I really hate this game at times.

Ive been desperately trying to fix the problem of getting the helioskrill armor unlocked, even after I had already earned the “Legend” achievement a looooong time ago in Halo:MCC …like Please please please help me out with this 343i, i have been a loyal halo fan since Halo CE and will continue to do my best at remaining one of your top fans but things like this happening arent really boosting my Liking. especially when you had to undergo the very long process of beating all 4 games campaigns on legendary, for the specific purpose of unlocking said armor. then to find out that all your hard work was for nothing…