Buggy text when using Firefox on android

So… without an app I’m using firefox on android to access waypoint from a mobile device and mostly I find the optimisation pretty good.

Having distinct problems with line-breaks in the text boxes for making replies, though, is anyone else getting this? Does anyone else have solutions? Can someone who understands such things look at this?

All help appreciated! Thanks.

Hi Morsey!

Would you mind taking a screenshot and posting it (or a link to it) here?

yo unyshek can i please join your clan?

I’m struggling to get anything actually vaguely worthwhile into a screenshot, but the basic problem is that after the first paragraph I have to make sure there’s a space after what I’ve written before I hit enter, otherwise I just keep writing on the same line - plus if you go back to edit something at the start of the line sometimes things jump down to the line underneath.

Next time it happens I will try to take a screenshot properly though.

> 2533274911233234;3:
> yo unyshek can i please join your clan?

Neither the time, nor the place.

yo I’m sorry I just want to talk I didn’t mean to interfere