Buggy:: H2A infection fps issues, flipyap, scores

I’m sure these have been raised elsewhere, but I got to the start of October and couldn’t find any posts mentioning them

  • Flipyap still not unlocking correctly. For a 5GS achievement I’m starting to lose all hope. I’ve heard the dialogue now at least 10 times between The Ark, the Covenant, and Sierra 117. I even have a video from before the summer showing me hearing the dialogue. I love how the great voice acting is being recognised, but the cheevo just will not pop. There’s a serious amount of butt-hurt with that one given the random nature of it so it’s pretty frustrating. - On H2A Multiplayer Infection myself and a lot of people I’ve played with have experienced huge frame rate drops when infected (with the red sword). I love Infection as a game type and to be honest I’m not normally someone to complain about framerate drops, but these were pretty bad and I figure others must be experiencing them too. - Scoring issues: I’ve beaten or gotten close to a fair few par scores on Halo: CE and Halo 2A campaigns, but the achievements just don’t seem to be registering some of them. I’ve only noticed on Halo CE and H2A single player campaigns where I’ve seen that I’ve been close or over the mark.I don’t intend this to be a moan, simply raising them to see a) if anyone else is having issues, b) if anyone has any workarounds, and c) so that people are aware.