Bugged Reach Achievements

So my fiancé and I were trying to get some of the easy achievements in Reach when two achievements popped for me, but not my fiancé. We did the missions over again multiple times, and even a few times solo and it’s not popping.

These are the two achievements:

  • Front Page News
  • Wake Up Buttercup

The New Alexandria map always gives us the hospital part first, even thought it’s supposed to be random each time. While Wake Up Buttercup just isn’t popping, I got it without finishing the objective and it didn’t pop for my fiancé during or after.

Any solutions? This is so frustrating.

I believe this is related to whoever was host of the session, I think only they seem to get achievements. You can try re-running it with your fiancé as session leader. Would also make sure and file a bug report about this on the Halo Support site: https://aka.ms/HaloSupport