Bugged Kill Challenges

Heat of the Moment
Kill Enemy Spartans with the Heatwave in PvP

I’ve been playing the new Halo Infinite beta and haven’t noticed any bugs/issues really until the heatwave challenge.

I’ve tried getting kills in all gamemodes–ranked, big team battle, and quick play, but nothing has been working.

This bug is super annoying as I’m trying to get the weekly reward visor and cannot complete my very last weekly challenge. I hope it’s patched before the end of the week, and if anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know.

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There’s a sticky post by Postums. Everyone who logs in from next week will auto get this week’s challenge reward. Check out the full post

EdIT: I went to link you to that post but now it’s not there. It was also saying a first fix is on they way for challenges as well. I’m sure it’ll pop up again or someone else can link it