Bugged Achievements

I’ve been playing through the Reach campaign on Legendary and I have not received any achievements for the missions completed. On the OG 360 Reach, I had completed the campaign on Legendary. Is it possible the achievements are under the same game or does MCC have achievements for Reach?

NEVERMIND IM A -Yoink!-. The notifications never show up which is odd because when playing other games achievement notifications show. So if anyone has a solution please let me know!

achievements are just buggy on this game. I didn’t even get yesterday achievement to play the game on the 14th -.-

So far I’ve only found two bugged achievements but that’s mainly because I unlocked most on Xbox. My first one was Par Time for Tip of the Spear. I got credit for it, but the achievement on Steam never popped and my second one is doing Legendary under 3 hours. I did it, but the achievement didn’t pop until I randomly turned on competitive scoring for Campaign.

So far 343 has not released a patch for the achievement’s bug. My list so far of the achievements i have done but they never pop either on steam or xbox live
Halo Reach:
-No picnic
-They have always been faster
-Keep it clean

Halo CE:
-All according to plan