BuggED achievements?

Okay, so I was playing Halo Reach today for the first time in a while. I played a game on Breakneck and got 3 headshots in a row, and an achievement pops up. I go on to get 25 kills without dying, and go and look at the rest of the achievements, forgetting that there were new ones. I now endeavor to get the rest, but then comes irritation.

First, I want the one for 1-Flag CTF, where you must defend the flag without the enemy touching it. I play the full game, and both rounds on Defense, they don’t touch the flag, and the game ends.

No achievement.

Second, I go into Living Dead, and try to get those achievements. First and Third round, I’m the last man standing. Second round, I get three kills as an infected.

No achievements.

Finally, I go to FFA Anniversary, thinking maybe the achievements need to be on specific maps. While playing, I get stuck by a grenade, am right next to the guy that stuck me, we blow up, and…

No achievement.

At this point I said “F*** it” and stopped playing, realizing that I would probably never get those achievements, because they simply will not work.

I don’t know how you got the first one but yeah there all map specific and you should have gotten from hells heart cheevo sorry bad luck.

The thing is that the previous achievements didn’t require them to be on specific maps. I got the older Defiant ones on normal, non-DLC maps, as well as the Noble ones. It’s just really not fair that they decide to switch it up on me, especially when there are virtually no Infection games on DLC maps.

You have to be on specific maps to earn the achievements… I know it sucks right

only on anniversary maps, and if there is a blackscreen the achievements wont come up, making the CTF one really hard to get since so many people ragequit in 1 flag.

Simply geta full party together. Delete the noble and anniversary map packs off of everyone’s hard drive. This forces the defiant maps to show up. After you get the achievements, simply redownload the map packs for free. Took me 20 min.