Bug - You can see Sword glow through walls

As the title says there is a bug with sword glow though walls, glow reflects on the floor.

Cant post pics or gifs so here is the link (remove the spaces after https)

https ://gamerdvr.com/gamer/frenzy-gnl/video/148041364

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Welcome :smiley: Have you submitted a ticket? If not you can submit one through support section so 343 can look into it. Haven’t noticed it myself

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No how can i submit a ticket? I searched for bug report section but didnt find anything

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Go to the support section on waypoint, click on Infinite, then click on Infinite multiplayer known issues, read through it to make sure your issue isn’t there already, then at bottom of that there is submit a ticket.

There select options and explain problem and you can send picture etc.

Job done, 343 can look into it

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It’s literally in the email they sent you announced the beta was live

Ok done submited ticket through support

Thanks for the detailed post.

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