BUG with keyboard and mouse in Series X

Hello everyone, I’ve just tested training mode today in my Series X with keyboard+mouse. There is a bug playing because you can’t look around you with the mouse. There is a problem with it. There is something like a invisible stop or limit. Has anyone had the same problem? Can I record a clip from the console to show what I say or is it not allowed?

I am experiencing the same issue. It’s almost as if the “mouse cursor” is hitting the side of your monitor. What I mean by this is that normally when playing a game the “cursor” is your reticle and is locked in the center giving you infinite input left, right, up, and down. What seems to be happening is that the “cursor” is not locked and when turning it reaches the side of your monitor/tv and no longer gives input. I hope what I’m saying makes sense and that they can get it handled by launch.

Having the same issue. A similar thing happened with he last preview in July/Aug. Hoping to see it fixed by weekend 2. If not, hopefully there will be no issues on release.

I’m having the same issue with every mouse I use, I’m definitely submitting it as a problem in the flight because it’s very aggravating. If anyone figures out how to fix it please comment here and let us know

I had the same issue. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s common enough for 343 to prioritize at the moment which sucks because controller is borderline unplayable.

Same issue. Does 343 read these forums? They may be unaware of this bug if it’s gone this long without a fix. MKB works great in many other games on series x, so I have to assume it’s this game and an easy fix.

I have this on my regular xbox one

Having this problem as well on the OG xbox one

Same issue. It’s on the second flight too unfortunately was hoping they would patch it this week…
I see why people think it’s like hitting the edge of your monitor, but what I think it actually is is the range of motion box on the start menu when you move your mouse around.

I am also having the same problem

This -Yoinking!- blows. I can’t even get one kill on controller.

i was hoping they woud of fixed this by now coz controler sucksssssssss

Porfavor solucionen este problema cuanto antes, ahora mismo el juego es injugable con teclado y raton en xbox series x.

On top of this anyone having an issue assigning their side buttons or mouse wheel?

Having the same problem here. Really hope they would fix this by the release of the game.

Just been testing it on this flight. Issue is still present. It’s terrible. You have no ability to rotate, again this is on Xbox. Game seems to run really well on pc

yeah it kind of works on and off but it does seem like ther is a very small area to go left and right

Ya have the same issue.

ive been playing on pc for 5 years now and havent touched a controller for a FPS in a LONG time. im complete grabage with a controller. when i signed up i thought i was going for the PC version but i got the console version instead. im getting my -Yoink- kicked. I NEED this fixed!

Has there been any word from 343 on this issue?