Bug - Very Soft Cutscene Voices

Just encountered a problem where the voices in H2:A cut scenes are really quite. They were working fine earlier and all of sudden they went real soft and difficult to hear.

Things I have done to narrow down the problem:

  • Use different HDMI cable
  • Use different HDMI port
  • Use a different monitor altogether
  • Hard reset Xbone

Keep in mind it is just the voices in the cut scenes - voices in gameplay work fine and nothing else as far as I am aware has been affected.

Anybody else having this issue or have any solutions?

Edit: Tested H3 campaign, works fine


Me too but in Halo: CE… I don’t know why but I hope it will be fixed soon! It down the pleasure a little bit

Change the xbox sound settings from 7.1 surround to stereo and it should fix it.

Thanks work better!

Good I’m glad to be of service haha