Bug Report.

I got the update on 11/20/14 I downloaded it…I played one halo 2: Original Multiplayer match, was booted because I “Lost Connection” then I went to go back to playlists where a pop-up message said “downloading latest playlist data” which was on screen for around 1 hour and 32 minutes. I then proceeded to just wait it out. I then came back to my Xbox and Halo, leaving them both running. Again, I tried joining matches…it kept telling me “Players Found” but would result in, “Fail to connect to host” so I tried for yet another hour. Still the same thing…I am now currently RE-INSTALLING Halo and will RE-INSTALL the patch. I also don’t have access to Halo: Nightfall unless I “Buy” Halo.

Connection: Wireless and Wired
NAT Type: Open
Provider: Xfinity
Internet speed: 122.03 Mbps UP and 12.11 Mbps DOWN.