Bug report

please watch the xbox game clip

this the 3rd time this has happened to me

during online gameplay this bug would cover most of my map.
making it very difficult to play and giving me a great disadvantage. Very annoying.

this is the second time that happens to me: I start the game (personalized offline) and finally all normal, but after a while they start to disappear engine particles (smoke, flames …) to the point where they disappear bullets and powers of the leader (beam radius …)

When I was playing voridus, I notice that blisterback no longer spawn gel despite having infusion tech 2. It’s said that blisterback now spawn gel from each round which no longer to be true. Please fix this issue because this hurt voridus user by a lot.

Please don’t revive old topics, thanks. If you have a but to report it’s best to start a new topic ad provide as much detail as possible