[BUG] Not getting overshield but using req card

In the spawn menu i select to use an overshield or speed boost (it may also occur with the others but i dont use them), But when i spawn i dont have it but my req energy points have been used. In one game i even had it that after this had happened about 2 spawns later i (without selecting it) spawned with an overshield.

EDIT: my spartan doesn’t even press any boost buttons

Like, your spartan doesn’t press that button that activates it at all? The game just goes on like you didn’t choose any REQ?
There’s a lot of bugs in Warzone, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an issue for others.

This happened to me with an active camo earlier. I think it’s because I sprinted immediately after spawning, like if your Spartan doesn’t do the animation of attaching the power up to himself, it doesn’t activate. It still ate my req points and my card, of course.