[Bug/Issue] Halo MCC Kills Count as Zero points

Decided to replay Halo MCC, to do some of the campaign. While playing Legendary, if I die about 5+ times on any level, every kill I get after that doesn’t add anything to my score, it just say “0” in red after each kill, but I can still lose points if I die. Have tried save & quit, closing the game out and reopening, and restarting my Xbox One, and it is still happening. Have ran the game(s) from Playlists, and without Playlists.

Noticed this in H2A and Halo 4. I’ll try 1, 2, 3, and ODST and let you know if it happens in those as well. Not upset with 343, just thought I should let them know about this, so we can make the game better.

Edit: Upon further inspection, after dying about 5 times or more, the kills aren’t registering in the scoreboard for the H2A & H4 campaigns as well. During the “Reclaimer” mission, the kills would be added to total kills, but still not award points per kill.