[BUG] Generous Tipper Achievement STEAM!

The achievement “Generous Tipper” (Halo: Reach: Beat the par time on Tip of the Spear) is bugged. I completed all the par time on Reach and also i got the achievement “Fast Fall” (Halo: Reach: Beat par time on all Halo: Reach levels).

please fix.

I have the same problem. Plz fix it

Exactly the same here. I have the chieve in game and I have the steam achievement for Fast Fall but steam has not given me Generous Tipper. I believe a few other achievements are bugged in a similar way.

This is the only truly unobtainable achievement along with the forge world one (for now)

Please fix it.

Capacious Cartography (the forge one) can be unlocked if you unlock it on xbox (because forge already works there) and then start the game up on steam, so it’s achievable.

Generous Tipper on the other hand is indeed bugged on steam, but you do unlock it on your xbox profile. So the moment this is fixed and you start your game up on steam it will unlock for you.

This little bug is probably on the low end of their list right now, so we need to be patient.