Bug? Gamemode settings replaced with anothers

So I just loaded up one of my saved gamemodes and it had some settings from another of my saved gamemodes.

Only some of the settings were changed, others were fine.

I know that I didn’t accidentally save over it with my other gamemode because I haven’t touched it in weeks.

Has this happened to anyone else?

This has been happening since launch, only way to fix it:

(Example) If your gamemode is FFA, set the gametype to FFA and then change it back to your gamemode. Hope it works for you.

This isn’t the issue that I’m having.

The issue is that when I go to load that gamemode, it has settings which are taken from an older version of one of my other gamemodes. When I go to check the settings they aren’t correct. This only affects starting weapons, player traits, respawn and map. All other settings are as expected.

It’s as if the gamemode was corrupted and it’s just taking settings from one of my other gamemodes to try to prevent errors.

Try the halo 5 support section thread, maybe they have a solution.