Bug fixes for the November Update

With the November update inevitably upon us I am looking forward gleefully to the patch notes. Specifically the bug fixes for each game. I’ve compiled a list of what i am hoping to see fixed, and maybe a few of them will be squashed this month who knows.

  • The visual bug fixes for CE, H2, and Reach have been fantastic. Halo 3 still has a number of similar issues such as colors, focus blur, and Cortana scan lines are all still busted.
  • Coop stability for CE and H2C. The synchronous netcode is already annoying to deal with, but the flat out crashes and de syncs in the original Xbox titles is horrible. Some folks can’t even progress with their partner because of this. I am hoping that as a part of the cross play campaign support these bugs will be addressed, but not holding my breath to see this fix any time soon.
  • CE audio triggers are all messed up. If you start up the Maw and play all the way through you will notice that some music loops never stop. In the final cutscene you will hear two tracks playing at the same time with very conflicting moods. I’ve reported this bug before and at different times it’s been fixed and broken so hoping that it’s stamped out for good.
  • Halo 4 texture corruption. I notice this primarily in SpOps but when you restart the mission after some progress through the level you will notice that the textures for dynamic objects corrupts.
  • The netcode for CE and H2C needs to be improved. I doubt any improvements to this area will arrive this year, but holding hope that maybe one day. Also why does CE add a frame of input lag when on-host for custom games.
  • The crash that completely turns off Xbox One consoles and closes the application on Series consoles. This issue has persisted for a while and needs to be addressed.

Anything I missed?


Set menu backgrounds revert to default after a while.

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The quit ban bug that’s appeared, banning you even if half of your team has already quit and you do too (probably an intentional move by 343 actually).

And maybe they’ll have finally fixed the announcer who still doesn’t say perfection at the end of a Reach Slayer game when you achieve one. Almost 3 years now and counting…


H2A infinite respawn issue.

My request for the November Update is that 343 confirms that its still happening (and what the date is).

If its not today then it shouldnt be next week right before the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US.

  • The pre-match slowdown.

  • The fog de-loading right as you drop into that room on the H3 level Cortana.

  • The MP Spartan ragdolls going mental. The amusement has long worn off.

  • All the broken spawn points. If this isn’t a bug then meticulously re-place the spawn points so they’re nicer and more fair.

But really…


Don’t think its been addressed, but the subtitles in Halo 3 not disabling when you toggle them off is a bug i hope gets stamped out

Only update I might be curious about is proper support for Steam Deck. EAC isn’t fixed yet so can’t even play online on Steam Deck.

Every update, they add new bugs/glitches. At least in the last update (August update), they added a new glitch where players can’t sometimes respawn on H2A.
Since they’re adding more stuff for H:CE and H2, I expect new bugs (rather than bug fixes) in those games.

There is a possibility that 343 broke the ban system while implementing a new one for the next update (?)

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The latest community update didn’t mention November at all. The exact language was “upcoming update” which gives me worry that it could be pushed to December. I was expecting a release date for the update due to how close November is ending and given the Holidays.

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It was almost definitely pushed. Who would push new changes the day before a holiday?

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I suppose we will see come next week. Here’s to hoping for an early December update if it is delayed or the team sets an expectation for a release window.

Fair point. Part of me hopes this is the reason and that they are going to indeed revamp the system and add something more sensible. Such as a system that takes into account if people drop out before the game begins to load for instance. And of course reducing them times too.

Well it either comes this wednesday (nov 23rd) or next wednesday (nov 30th) i believe. I dont think it got delayed but i may be wrong

I just quit a 2v4 and got banned. I shouldnt receive a ban since half my team has already quit tho, its annoying af


Menu backgrounds don’t save.
Framerate drops in Halo CE anniversary and Halo 2 anniversary.
Audio effects missing in Halo CE and Halo 2 Anniversary.
Bans in social should be completely removed.

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