Bug, Bug, Bug...Anyone else have this problem?

At 9:45am Eastern, I just finished the Ultimate Fracture: Tenrai for the week.
(stop enemy spree 3 times)

Epic Weapon Coating
Whispered Sky
for BR75 Battle Rifle

The game noted that I finished it, game has it “COMPLETED” however, when I go to the BR skins to use it, it’s still LOCKED!

343i can you unlock for me please…thank you,


The weapon coating for the ultimate challenge this week is for the AR

The BR coating is level 28 of the event which we can’t get yet.

Thank you for the helpful info @Little_Squash

I see it now…I also think the confusion on my part came because I was under the impression that the ULTIMATE was pictured and listed in the Fracture: Tenrai EVENT section…but it’s not.