BUG - Binoculars unable to zoom out

I’m not sure where to post for bug reports. But during sierra 117 mission on legendary, while dual wielding a plasma pistol and magnum, i can zoom in with my right joystick, but an unable to zoom out using it, and must drop a weapon or shoot etc.

Currently running on Steam with an xbox 360 wired controller.

Also, when dual wielding, the audio of the magnum in my right hand is balanced almost exclusively to my right headphone speaker, and even without dual wielding its still sounds pretty quiet, in the left. Unsure if this is an intended mechanic.

For bug reporting on Insider builds, please refer to your flighting messages for information on how to post bug reports.
<mark>Please do not post bug reports here on the forums</mark> and be sure read the known issues list first before reporting anything.