BUG: Almost lost all my Halo 4 Data/Files


When I enter Halo 4 to day, the game “act” like if it was my first time, then I saw I lost everything, all the armor unlocks(Including the Pre orders and Limited edition ones) as well as the weapons configurations, all but the stats was lost. I try going out the game and going in again but it didn’t work. When I restart the console all but the “configurations” when back, I had everything again but I had to redo everything(Put the armor how I liked, remade the classes etc), the game did yet think it was my first time(Multiplayer intro show up again).

I did play on split screen lately, could this be the reason? A similar bug occur on Gears of War 3 that is activated by the split screen system.

My questions are:

Is there any risk to lose everything?

Are there more cases?

If so, how could I avoid it?

Thank you very much.

Did you go back to the dashboard and then boot you halo 4 again?

I had the same thing and that sorted it out.

I had the same problem too. What I did was I went to my recent downloads and redownloaded all of the armor sets and weapon skins that I lost. As for the files (ie. films, maps) I’m not too sure about. Next time it happens, I’ll play around with it.


Sorry, I didn’t lost those pictures etc(I think), with files I did mean Helmets and skins, my bad.

@Jam26, yeas I did, I said it on the post. To me it didn’t work, I had to restart the console.


Does it happen much to you? Did you play on split screen? If theres any coincidence on our actions when playing we could find the bug activation button.

Thank you two for the help :slight_smile:

Did any one else experience this problem?

Thank you.

I experienced it to. All progress lost. It was like I started the game for the first time

> I experienced it to. All progress lost. It was like I started the game for the first time

Did you play on split screen lately?

I’ll write for a last time so may the people on North America read it.

If you(plural) have encounter this problem, do you know what could have activated it?

Remember, if we know the reason we may avoid this bug.

Thank you very much.