Buff the teamates please

I have been getting teamates who go super negative like for example one time i got a teammate who went 0-15 343 pls buff i suck but atleadt i go positive.

This makes no sense

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> This makes no sense

I think what he wants is a better balancing system in place where the skill of one player will offset the whole team compared to the other. Unfortunately, the ranking system reflects how much you play, not how good you are so it’d be a challenge for them to fix it.

If only they got rid of the rank resets. Tisk tisk tisk.

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> If only they got rid of the rank resets. Tisk tisk tisk.

Then champions CSR would forever increase, and no one who isn’t champion, will never become champion.

The other challenge with increasing the reliance on a rank system for matchmaking is that the player-base is already not as large as previous Halo titles, and since cross-platform (namely thinking PS4 to avoid PC-Console skill issues) is still not a thing (not to mention Halo is an XBox exclusive (Microsoft-I’m looking at you)), making it even more rank-based would increase matchmaking times. While way better than in the MCC, Halo 5’s matchmaking times are not always lightning speed, especially for less populated playlists. Any proposal to balance teams more would have to effectively counter these concerns in order to work well.

Im pretty certain his pain is real but the post is satire.