Buff the scorpion

The scorpion in Halo 5 is like so easy to destroy. In ither Halo games, you see that thing in the distance, it means you were done for and must fear it. Now, you just need to thruster out of its range and go around and do a 3 second grenade hijack and destroy with ease. Even in Warzone, people with scorpions are too afraid to move up as that anyone can pop up at any direction and the thing that defenss you from them is your teamates… But if your team mates arent there, there would not even need to take out the scorpion at all.

The armor is fine…rate of fire is fine… The way it is is fine. It is the hijacking that ticks me off from using it that id rather go for wraith since it is more mobile. So, why not improve it by just hijacking at least… Mostly in the back. Either increase the hijacking time or only able to plant a grenade im the front. Because just taking 3 seconds to plant a grenade with no way to escape is just utter… fixing the hijacking on the Scorpion is a better buff than increase armor or something… Because really, im never using an ONI scorpion or lower if that is what it takes to destroy such power. Not the wraith as that thing wins by mobility. Tank because it is supposed to ‘Beat everything’.

And yes, I know you can splatter behind. The with the chaos all around you and thesmall radar is already stypid enough to the point that a spartan can just fall outta the sky and destroy the tank.

Or you could just not get hijacked…