Buff Mouse Magnetism

Aiming can be hard and controller players get aim assist.

I can see your point. But I hope not.

Ideally keep PC players with PC.

You crazy.

Mouse AA won’t help us dude.
Aiming can be improved, but what made MCC Controller players dab on us time after time after time is not Aim Assist but Bullet Magnetism. Their Bullets literally curve to hit us when their Reticule is Red, and the stickiness of their AA is just a means to help them keep the Reticule on us.

If anything, Halo Infinite is a much more fast paced game than other Halos, we should get a tiny Bullet Magnetism increase for when our Reticules are red.
But we have to see : Halo Infinite TTK is ridiculously low in the current Flight and the Shields are so fragile. Any advantage a Controller once had in dueling with an MKB is gone when we play Halo like a twitch shooter and just gun them down with our superior instant aiming.

Halo needs the Shields beefed up first before we talk about other things like aim assist/bullet mag for mouse.

Maybe that’s the problem. Bullet magnetism in general. I wonder if that is tied to performance in any way.

More fps means you get better registration with bullet magnetism maybe?

Let’s ask for a toggle