Buff Battle Rifle

The battle rifle in Infinite just feels bad to use in any game mode, especially ranked as that’s the only weapon you get off spawn. What to you guys think?


I thought the complete opposite, and was actually kind of sad that I couldn’t ever really find one while I was playing tonight.


I think the BR feels great in this game!

This is coming from a longtime Halo 3 player.

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So far this is easily the worst BR i have used. H3 and H4 to me were my favorite BRs

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The BR itself is well balanced. 4 shot kill as always. It’s just that the AR and sidekick stomps on it.

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It only feels weak because the AR is so strong
The Br itself handles very very well

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The BR feels great to me right now. I don’t feel or see anything wrong with it. I think it’s okay the way it is.

All guns feel incredibly weak to me, if I’m being completely honest. Either that, or this game has terrible netcode. I might as well be shooting blanks. And I’m getting in their face, so close that I could give them a kiss on the cheek, and they just aren’t dying.

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I only played Social and BTB so here is my take.

The BR is in a really good spot right now. It feels better than the H5BR and feels more like the “Legendary H2BR” in H5 without that ridiculous aim assist it had from its REQ.

The only thing I don’t like is the new gun sound as I wished It sounded like the legendary H2 version from H5. It sounded so clean and perfect.

I have good connection so im getting traditional 4 burst perfects on crouch strafes more often than not with this BR compared to that god awful H5BR with that trash reticle and dumb AA cone…

Can confirm, in BTB this BR -Yoink!- maps 4’s like nothing and doesn’t need a buff. The falloff is good. I can’t speak on TTK in comparison to the old BRs so I will leave that up to the Senior Vets.

TL:DR: The BR doesn’t need a buff imo. It’s fine atm. :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

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Agreed. TTK is weird right now. I’m not sure if I’m firing blanks or if the weapons dmg has a weird falloff range.

If you re from EU like me, its because you re being put on a server from a different continent. By the lag i d say its only US servers that are being used ,and once again it feels like we get the middle finger…