Hi im mad frogz and would like to recrute you for our clan. We are a recently new clan based in halo 4 we love to play custom games and matchmakeing as well as many other xbox live games. We have some very expierianced members. We also have a minecraft xbox edition server.To join you must change your emblem, clan tag, motto/name so we know your in the clan. If your interested message me mAd fR0gz or BUF CLAN and we will gladly recrute you for are cause.

p.s we are former sia members and left because of the high communisim levels and they are are rivle clan also. so if you dont want a high controlling boring communist clan then join us and our brother hood.

-Brothers United in Force

Edit: I thought about deleting this out of embarrassment over my 12 year old self, but this is too funny so…

sorry acidently posted 2 threads