BTB Zone Control balancing

Some weapons exert really extreme zone control.

Brute Ravager and Dynamo Grenade are the most glaring ones, being very easily accessible. Heatwave is also another one but it’s countered somewhat by its low ammo and the existence of the Defense Wall equipment.

Dynamo Grenade is actually kinda wack as a 2 stock grenade anyway, since it not only strips shields quickly but also EMPs vehicles. Why this is a Grenade and not an Equipment is beyond me because it’s essentially a more lethal version of Energy Drain which can’t be shot to prematurely stop its effects. And again, it comes in 2s when picked up. Turn it into an Equipment or something with only 1 stock or just make them cap at 1 per Spartan.

Then there’s that new flying vehicle which just bombards the ground which also creates an anti personnel zone. And to top it off, Fragmentation has a lack of Skewers to take out these vehicles.

And the Ghost. Man if anything shows that Infinite’s Player Shields are wet tissue, it’s the Ghost.
In all other Halo games the Ghost’s turret shots do not straight up rip through Player Shields because combining high damage + mobility on the Ghost is definitely gonna create balance problems. This may not be a Ghost problem, but it definitely highlights the fragile nature of Infinite’s Player Shields.

Defense Wall should really just be Bubble Shield, except it breaks easily as it currently does. This makes it a more powerful Defensive Equipment and also gives value to the Spike Grenade which can be used against these to rip it open.