BTB would benefit from a few maps that are much more open, like H3 Avalanche

I don’t mind having some BTB maps loaded with cover that keep vehicles from dominating, but BTB would be a much better experience if there was a balance between maps like Fragmentation / Deadlock which provide cover everywhere and some more open maps like Halo 3 had - Avalanche/Standoff/Valhalla/etc.


Infinite only has 3 maps for BTB… Not to say you are wrong but just that they need more maps in general for BTB. We’ll just have to wait and see what they offer later on.


That’s why I wanted to provide the feedback. I don’t want their next batch of BTB maps to all be hilly, rocky areas lined with warthog trenches without any meaningful open space.

Something like behemoth but larger would be awesome!


Open, vehicle-friendly BTB maps would require actually having lots of vehicles spawn on the map for players to use at all times. 343 really, really wants to push their new Escalation system as the new hotness that totally makes BTB way better than it was in previous games (it doesn’t), and unfortunately the two design philosophies are fundamentally incompatible.


What’s your problem with cover?

Didn’t say I had a problem with cover.

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How about BR starts in maps this big?

I like the idea of much larger maps with a lot more space for vehicles and with BR starts.

I don’t mind the current maps for BTB…I don’t like the pelican drops for vehicles

I think slightly bigger versions of the maps we love, SandTrap, Bloodgulch Valhalla etc, to accommodate the 12v12 would be fantastic.