BTB with objectives back please?

I’m really bored of Slayer, slayer and slayer. Just add KOTH, Capture the flag and maybe oddball on some playlists.

And Assault. Why did you remove it, 343?

Why have you forsaken me?

Woah, I actually forgot about Assault!

Yeeeah… Ironically, I don’t think assult was “the bomb”.

If they did make a BTO list the other playlists would become empty :o

Bigger is better… I don’t wanna be stuck with these 4 noobs, I wanna be stuck with 7 noobs! That way even if we lose, I can watch the noobs promote chaos and laugh.

OH not Oddball though, that CAN’T have more than 5 player teams. Kinda obvious why.

Yes I always love big team objectives!

New MM update today so let’s see if we get it.