BTB Vehicle Drops

In past games, BTB would have Warthogs, Ghosts, and Choppers spawning on the map regularly. Pelicans should be dropping, Wraiths, Scorpions, Banshees, and Wasps, throughout the entire match. To me, this is more fun.

With the current model, I haven’t even entered a Scorpion or Wraith. How is this fun?

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Yes this needs more attention. The vehicle drop system in the game needs a MAJOR rework. Nothing is more frustrating then getting a tank spawn when the score is 97 to 92 or something stupid. And that’s if you’re lucky! Heavy vehicles should begin spawning when one team reaches the halfway mark.

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It’s been brought up quite a few times, I did a thread about it once too.
Iv’e only seen a tank drop once since mp came out, and even then it was destroyed in seconds, 343 need to bring back big team heavies, I like the pelican drops, but maybe should have em drop at start of match and more often.

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The whole spawn system is kinda meh.
I would rather they have these heavy vehicles kept in locked up like the two vaults in Fragmentation.

They are “power vehicles” and you have to hack the hanger open to access the vehicle, and you are vulnerable while hacking and defending the hack. And even then, the enemy can run in and jack the vehicle.

Bruh? How’s that not the same as available throughout the match?
Vehicles have spawn timers too you know.

The drop method is stupid cos it only drops at certain points during a match, if the vehicles are in a hangar then they will be there the moment the match starts.

You’ve never seen the Wraith in the halfway point in Reach’s Breakpoint? This is the same concept.

Had a match early today with at least 4 Scorpains drop, as well as 2+ Wraiths…

Although the map was bugged as well, it was one where you have to control all 3 zones, but one zone wouldn’t let anyone capture it. Eventually it turned into a tie game since both had taken the zones once, and no one could get all 3 any more after that.