BTB update suggestion in the future

First off I’m very very satisfied with the update that is coming with Tug of War and new maps that they’re sticking into the playlist. The only thing I think the playlist needs now is Heavies Slayer, Legendary BRs, and about 3 or 4 more forged maps (that are not on Forge Island) Why not Forged Island? Even though it’s free some people do not know about the map so if 1 person out of the 16 people that do not have it… Well you don’t get to play on it, so they really need to push forge maps on disc like Impact and Ravine into the mix a little more.


-Legendary Slayer BRs/ 2nd voting option

-Team Heavies/ 2nd voting option

-Team Snipers into the 2nd voting option to where it’s not interfering with objective

-3 to 4 Forged maps on Impact or Ravine

-2nd voting poll 25% For Big Team Slayer to come up, 25% Legendary Slayer BRs, 25% Team Heavies, and %25 Team Snipers.

So you basically get Halo4’s Infinity Slayer as #1 option, #2 you get different variety of Slayer options if you do not want to play Infinity Slayer, and #3 You will always have an Objective gametype if you’re more into Objective.

So if there was an update to come into play like this more maps, more gametypes, and more balance of what you want to play as the player.

Any Feedback to this suggestion? Would love some discussions!

I suggest you leave this in the feedback thread here: