BTB Team Needing Players

I am starting a BTB team. This is not my first clan or team that I have started, I have a lot of experience. Currently I am looking for 9 other players to round out a 10 man founding roster. Once all spots have been filled we will then decided on a name, play a lot, have fun, and discuss our future. If recruited before all spots have been filled, those players will help in the recruiting process and selection of players. With that being said, I’m a chill mature dude who’s just looking for a solid team to destroy some noobs with in BTB and future BTB online ladders/leagues. If you are interested in running some games, I have what I am looking for below as well as the upcoming times I will be running games. Message me on xbox live, I will message you back as soon as I can. I may be in the middle of a game, but I will get back to everyone as the messages come in. Please be patient. I have my gamertag below as well as a link to my stream in case anyone would like to check out my gameplay.

Gamertag: t4inted fate
My Personal Stream: Link to my online stream

Tryout Times:
-April 7, 2013 @ 8:00am CST
-April 7, 2013 @ 11:00pm CST

*It is likely I may be running games all day, obviously I will be running tryouts for the next few days until all spots have been filled PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME ANYTIME.

-Mature 16 years old or older
-Doesn’t rely on vehicles
-Overall good player with BR/DMR/Sniper
-Willing to put a little time in a few nights a week for practice and play. Preferable two nights a week for a few hours, but this can vary.