BTB team mates? (no betrayal babies)

Just wanting to find some team mates to play with on big team battle. Keep getting the angry children players who betray for weapons
or shoot you when your carrying the flag for top spot or if you get the mantis first. (or any other vehicle for that matter)

I enjoy playing all Halo’s when the team is actually playing the objective, don’t care if your not that good as long as your trying.
I’m average I guess, have good and bad games.

I do like Halo 3 but it gets a bit tedious playing it every game.

Not looking to speak on mic, just as long as if everyone votes for territories for example, then actually try and defend and attack…

Gets a bit tiring having to watch your back from your own team mates or being the only person defending the flag etc.

I usually play evening GMT

Yes. My god, yes. I can relate. Losing because of bad teammates is so frustrating it makes my blood boil. I’m a pretty decent player and I always play to win. I can bring my brother to the fight as well.

I’m a guy from Finland, 23 years old and I prefer not to use a mic, because it’s hard to speak fluent english while playing the game and thinking at the same time. Gamertag is Viluzki

Feel free to add me I do have a mic but I rarely speak so I most likely will not be using it I am in mountain time

East coast here, wouldn’t mind joining up to get some btb games. What games do you guys prefer? I tend to enjoy everything except halo4. Get- xxconkriete

I’ll add you Euro guys :smiley:

Love btb objective!

Also play GMT evenings frequently for a couple of games.

Eskimo4130 - GT