BTB: Stockpile overtime issue + Feedback

This has happened to me twice now on this map.
In BTB: Stockpile, on Fragmentation, it is incredibly frustrating when the mode goes into overtime. There are usually enough seeds in play by that time for a team to get the third point but due to the theft timer, it is extremely difficult for two evenly matched teams to to make a concerted effort to steal one or more seeds needed for a victory. Also, an additional set of seeds are supposed to spawn in the center cave. However, they instead spawn out of bounds above the ceiling, making them inaccessible for players even when trying to use a grappleshot pull them. These issues can essentially make matches turn into a test of endurance and I’m fairly sure that the player-base in general doesn’t enjoy matches being dragged out longer than necessary.

There are two options that I can think of currently to resolve this issue.
First: Start a timer when Overtime activates (like in BTB: CTF or Total Control), so that matches don’t last for an unreasonable amount of time.
Second: Move/fix the final seed spawn so that the remaining seeds are accessible to players. (Not sure where to move them to, just not out-of-bounds)

If anyone else has experienced these kinds of issues in the game mode, what kind of suggestions would you have for possible changes (Removing the game type doesn’t count :thinking:)

I think if a game of Stockpile goes into overtime, it should end when either nobody is carrying a node or 30 seconds pass, there really isn’t a need to drag out this mode when a draw would suffice.