BTB still doesn’t work!

Ok figured it out.

ON STEAM OR XBOX AP ON PC, this bug is caused purely by having one of the HD packs, not having both or neither.

So to fix simiply disable both HD packs or innable both HD packs, don’t only have one as it leads to the disconnect.

More specificly the game glitches out and tries to only QUE you for 2v2 arena as a spectator, but as spectators are not allowed in that mode, it crashes.

This glitch also puts 2 spectator slots in your campaign if you have that ennabled but it is strange.

EDIt: not consistant at fixing, but it does reduce the rate heavily.

Same, need to search 3 times to get into a game. This was way better before the official launch on December 8th.


I can’t play either, I get disconnected.

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I also haven’t been able to play btb playlist since official launch. On series x.

Also crashed in the one ranked match I was winning in.

Wasted an XP boost, my time and patience.

Honestly liking the campaign…except the damn bugs, 2 mid mission crashes, a checkpoint that spawned me into dieing until I restarted, tacmap crashing, achievements not unlocking until the next day when near a similar objective or not at all.

6 years, a year delay, 3 betas, campaign and multiplayer separate… And Soo many fricken bugs and crashes.

I’ve been able to play games IN BTB ,but i havne’t bought campaign either so, is that what’s causing it?

BTB is still a total mess matchmaking wise, I’ve been able to play quickplay just fine, but BTB is a complete cointoss with it heavily weighted on one side wether you get a game or not…

That being said, inside a BTB isn’t any better, I’ve been in lobbies where bots don’t spawn so players disconnect while loading leaving a team at half players… I’m trying to complete weeklies and i need BTB matches to do so, but i cant even get into a match and when i do its not the right mode >:U


How do you enable both HD packs? I can’t find an option for that.

Right click on halo infinite in your steam library > properties > DLC

I literally just got my first BTB game of the day, after trying to load into one and failing for an hour, and the game was CTF. My team had two other players that made it into the game whereas the enemy team had one player. I don’t know what happened since the “official launch” but the BTB servers are broken and they weren’t like this when it was in “beta.”

Praying they fix this soon because quick play and ranked are extremely boring after an hour or two. I hope you’re listening 343!

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I noticed this issue last night me and my buddy just decided to play a different game altogether after getting disconnected from server over and over for an hour.

I still can’t play btb ever since I bought the campaign… pay $60 to break your game…

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Seems like it… I have yet to buy campaign.

At least the campaign is fun, and worth it. I mean 20 hours for a 100% run, and I still don’t have all the propaganda towers as that is the last thing.

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Not working for me either, since last night at about 12

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I can’t access it either. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling and everything under the sun. I just keep getting disconnected and sent back to start page for BTB. I can play everything else… Just not this

same and during that time i got two headshots to complete the challenge and the next thing you know the game kicked me out and the headshot kills doesn’t count and wasted my double xp time. now im super mad.

Yeah I’m noticing this today. Yesterday was working for me though but gone today.

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kinda glad to see is not my pc who’s giving this error, hope to hear something about this soon :confused:


While i can play quick play and bots , i am not able to play btb since yesterday evening, i am getting there was a problem with the dedicated server.


Same here, been doing this since the beta. Plus I have noticed when it gives you the disconnect, I have had multiple times my weeklies not count. I have to reset the whole game each time. @343